Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stop thinking about it and just do it...

Every morning for the past two years I've told my self  "Okay today is the day, we are going to start over, blog, bake, cook, exercise,  & write down all those recipes that don't exist. You know the ones grandma taught you that she never wrote down! De-clutter our life, our minds, and more importantly our apartment!" And every day I find an excuse not to get anything done, not one damn thing. Well wait that last statement is not entirely  true, I have started a few projects, but well lets just say we have made very little progress. So I decided to take a few days off to do a little spring cleaning and de-clutter so I can free my mind and get some creativity going. I find that I can't concentrate on anything when my apartment is messy and things around the house aren't done.
So last night I made my big announcement , "today is my Friday!! Four days off!! WoooooHoooo!!"  And my boyfriend says to me..."You're off??!! Great now I can have my wisdom tooth removed and you can take care of me!!" My first thought of course ..I will take care of him, my second thought darn my four day purge plans just got shot down.( frownie face) I automatically started thinking of all the things I wanted to get done but wouldn't be able to. Is in it amazing how we stop our selves from accomplishing goals so easily, I pretty much gave up, I sat up  for a few hours watching YouTube videos on how to reorganize your closet sulking, thinking well maybe next month.
But this morning on my first official day off I woke up and had a moment of clarity, I thought why can't I start my purge? My plans might have slightly been altered but I can still get somethings done. So I dropped Mikey off at work, came home made a cup of tea turned on my ipod,  put on my glam glow mud mask, a hair conditioning treatment, ran the dish washer, a load of laundry, sat down and began writing. I decided to stop making excuses take Nike's advice, and just do it. Who knows what will get done over the next few days, but even if I cross out a few things off my list at least I tried. And keep in mind the most important goal I wanted to get accomplished over the next few days, I'm doing, I'm writing!

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