Monday, March 16, 2015

To purge or not to purge..

March 12th the first day of my big purge.. I manged to clean the kitchen, and do all my laundry. Since I was taking Mikey to the dentist I really didn't plan on doing much else, so I called the dental office to confirm his appointment. Never in one thousand years I would have expected to hear the receptionist say, "oh Dr. Ding Dong is on vacation this week." Oh Great, I thought this will be a productive weekend after all. Nope Mikey had other plans in mind, he of course was happy to hear the news. Between you and me I think he is a little nervous, and I really don't blame him. I cracked a wisdom tooth over a fourth of July weekend, and of course my dentist was also on vacation. I was in so much pain and the pain pills I stole from my mothers medicine cabinet weren't kicking in fast enough so I just kept popping more until I fell asleep... for  two days. When I finally made in to the dentist to get  my tooth removed I got into a fight with my then boyfriend so I ended up driving my self to the dentist,and had all four wisdom teeth removed that day. I knew if he didn't remove them that day I would never had gone back. I also lied about having a ride home, and proceeded to drive myself to the pharmacy and then home. It was such a horrific experience and I was so angry I had to go through all that by myself.  Well in case you're wondering not only did I forgive the jerk, I married him a few years later. Quick lesson for you single ladies, jerks turn in assholes. Anyhow Mikey ended up taking my to lunch, a long lunch that ended up with drinks and slots. We did some shopping, picked up dinner and began season one of The West Wing.

March 13th day two of the big purge....Had a slow start, I woke up early but I ended up procrastinating, pinning and watching Youtube videos in bed. When I finally dragged my arse out of bed I cleaned the master bed room and shampooed the carpet. When Mikey came home he brought lunch, and  as he talked about his plans for the evening I made a quick mental list of all the things I could get done later on. Then the phone rang, his brother who we haven't seen in a while wanted to take us to a movie. No more purge for the rest of the day. On the bright side I did get to see Chappie. Having seen a few different trailers for the movie, I was a bit confused about the plot and how good would be but.I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I liked it.  And now because of it I am obsessed with Yolandi and Ninja from the band Die Antwoord, who star in the movie. They are a Zef hip hop band from South Africa, I am totally awed by their unique sound and great style.
Anyhow the rest of the night we ended with drinks and more slots, and a midnight run to Sonic for late night corn dogs and ice cream cone Sundays (insert happy face here).

March 14th day three of the big purge... Mikey wanted to play a tournament so we ended up at the casino for the rest of the day and night.

March 15Th day four the final day of the big purge.. I put up the extra bed in the office for sale, and cleaned the office. I was ready to rearrange the room but since the furniture is so heavy I couldn't do it my self, so I asked Mikey to help. He politely declined, stating that once the bed sold it would be easier to do , and he was right. Luckily the bed sold a few hours later, and so we cleaned it a rearranged it. Mikey's was a bit inspired so he decided to clean out his closet,  while I organized my desk, which made me very happy that's one thing on my list that I couldn't do.His stuff his decision, I am not one of those women who nag and complain about his stuff. Lucky for me Mikey is not a slob and if his closet gets a little messy I close the door.  Well with that said and done I still feel my desk is a little cluttered but I don't really want to get rid of my stuff. I work from home and my stuff is what gets me through the day.

Over all the big purge weekend was kinda of a bust, I didn't accomplish every thing on my to do list but at least I got started. As Thomas A. Edison said "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

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