Sunday, March 22, 2015

Headaches and retail therapy....

This week has been a rough and tough one, the kind that came with a headache that has yet to go away.
On Thursday I checked my bank account first thing in the morning as I do every day, its a habit that developed after having shared a joint checking account with an irresponsible and inconsiderate ex husband. Mikey and I have family meetings and budget neither of us make any big purchases with out informing the other to avoid any financial mishaps, bank fees theses days are a bitch. Any how I see both our accounts zeroed out and I panic! On my first break I call the bank only to be told my accounts were levied by the California Tax Board again. Yes again last year this happened a few weeks before Christmas, apparently the DMV's  do not communicate with each other so when you move and fail to inform them,  they assume you just didn't feel like paying your car registration. I quickly let them know that I assumed that when I registered my car in Nevada, the state of CA would be like cool she moved no need to tax her. Wrong, finally after hours on the phone I cleared up the situation paid the fines and got my money back a month later. So why did this happen again you ask.... Well apparently the DMV and the CA Franchise Tax Board do not communicate to each other either. After work I spend hours back and fourth with the bank, the DMV and the state of CA FTB . Finally I received and apology and was assured my money would all be back in the morning.I called in sick the next day due my tension headache, which was made worse by some other family drama. I swear my daughter is psychic she knows just when to call and tell me about other situations I have no control over that stress me out. Any how I woke up to find my money was back in the account except for the 100.00 bank legal fee, which I was told would not be charged due to the mistake. I called the bank and expected an  apology and fee reversal, what I got was a too bad you need to contact the IRS, DMV, and the CA FTB a  legal fee for a bank levy is non refundable. Needless to say I spent the rest of the day on the phone getting transferred around with no solution. Finally the tech who closed out my account with the CA FTB asked me to fax a letter from the bank stating the fee was charged. Simple right? It would have been if the bank would have cooperated instead they made me jump through hoops, finally after driving over to a bank branch and cussing out a few people they refunded me. I am so glad that's over with.

On the bright side I woke up yesterday and decided to take some much needed action, for my own sanity. With the headache in full force I pushed through the pain and I did a little spring cleaning. For the past two days I have gotten so much done! My closet is finally clean, I feel a great sense of accomplishment, now I can finally move on too getting some projects done. I feel free to create. And since my money came back quite quickly I did some shopping. I overspent a bit but I got some great deals on candles at Michael's and stuff  from JoAnn's. And before I forget  I also started exercising on Monday, I cut out bread and sugars and filled the fridge with healthy foods. I feel a lot better. It was actually Mikey who stared the whole exercise thing. But he kind of ran into a wall on Wednesday. So its just me until further notice. You can lead a horse to water but you can,t make him drink..... Now its time for a warm bath with my new goodies from LUSH , my daughter got me into their products. I purchased the butter ball bath bomb  , the Montalbano shampoo bar and the Jungle conditioner bar. I am so excited to try them!!!!

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