Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm back!

It's such a beautifully cold gloomy day today. Perfect for staying home under the covers with a hot cup of tea. But unfortunately I have to work, yuck! I like to complain although I really shouldn't I'm in my pj's and robe sipping tea listening to Pandora  80's station while I take an occasional call. Yes I am lucky I know that but I can't help complaining.I am only a mere human, but I'm working on it. I write my self little notes on days like today reminding me to be grateful that I don't have to get up at 4 am in below 40 degree weather and drive to work. So far its working, I mean I still day dream about laying around once in a while but as soon as I see my note I snap back to reality. Besides it has been unusually slow given the time of year. But again I shouldn't complain I have time to do the things I have been putting of lately like writing. The last time I wrote a post was May of 2015. So much has happened since then! For starters we moved into a much smaller apartment, our previous place was just too big and it the neighborhood was getting crazy. We should have noticed all the people moving out when we were moving in but live and learn right. Our new place is so much nicer and so quiet. No thumping bass coming through the walls and the floor, just what ever noise we decide to create.

So since I had some extra time today and its mani-pedi Monday I did my nails, well still in process at least. I am trying some thing new but I have to let them completely dry. I also started a food journal I am tracking what I eat every day, or trying to at least. Today is my first day. and so far I drank two cups of peppermint tea with no sugar added. Nothing to do with calorie counting I just like plain tea. Except in lattes but I add honey or agave no sugar. Anyway I ate a cup of cream of wheat with a splash of low fat milk and a banana. For lunch I had a egg salad on green leaf lettuce and a glass of water. For the rest of the day I have fruit to snack on and for dinner I'm making a sausage pasta so portion control will be key. I stopped exercising, and I gained back all the weight I worked so hard to loose. Yeah, yeah I am a total dope. So this week its back to the gym and no excuses either if Mikey doesn't feel up to it than I need to man up and go by my self. And its not like I have to drive its a walk across the parking lot. lol. Our complex has a full gym. As I am writing this I hear that little voice in my head reminding me that I need to finish laundry, change the sheets, empty the dish washer and clean the bathroom. Stuff I neglected yesterday because I spent my afternoon meal planning, creating shopping lists and of course shopping. What a nightmare shopping that is during the holidays! But I picked up everything for the week and for Thankstaking. Yes I am cooking for two on Thursday. Our first Thanksgiving! Well let me explain we have spent many holidays together but its the first time we cook dinner for ourselves. Mikey had a falling out with his family and with mine being so far away  and having only one day off we decided to cook! Wish me luck! lol

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