Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Eczema, PMS & tea....

It's a sunny but chilly Tuesday morning 46 degrees at 10 am, I am on my second cup of tea "working" of course. Its been so slow the last few days that I am getting use to cleaning up and cooking in between calls. Friday I cleaned the entire apartment and had a chance to do nothing but relax all weekend. I didn't get a chance to work on any of my crafts though, it was more of me not being in the mood. I have been really tired and sore the last few days, PMS is slowly creeping up on me. (Sorry for the TMI.) I used to complain about how horrible I felt but now having to deal with eczema on top of it, the soreness and fatigue is a walk in the park.
About a year ago  I started noticing the area around my nose getting really dry and itchy, slowly it spread to my chin and forehead. Doctors blame it on a reaction to something but cant tell me what that something is. So I turned to Dr Google, and boy was that a mistake. It could be one of ten thousand different things! And there are so many home remedies. So I did try a few things that have helped me.

 1. Washing your face in cold water. It helps with the dryness but in the winter it sucks!
 2. Using natural dye free face wash/ soap. I used Cetaphil for years but lately it made my break outs worse, so I switched to Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, and that has helped  my face stay  moisturized. 
3. Staying moisturized. I use Jojoba Oil (100% pure cold pressed) The one I purchased is Dessert Essence. According to the articles I read its the closest thing to your natural oils so it helps with what I call leather face. The dry rough patches left behind after breakouts. After I apply the oil I put on a thin layer of Aquaphor it helps keep the oil in place. I also apply Shea butter masks when I see my face is getting ready for a break out. I usually just put on a think layer of Shea butter in the morning and leave it on until lunch. Then wash my face and apply the oil and Aquaphor. 
4. Staying hydrated. I drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, when I don't I can see the difference in my skin. 
5. Consistency. You have to wash your face and stay hydrated and moisturized at all times. If your don't your break outs will be ten times worse. 

I also stopped using liquid foundation it dries up and then cakes up and it looks worse. I usually don't wear make up theses days  unless I am going out and I only use loose powder foundation like Bare Minerals and or Tarte Amazonian Clay. You would think it would look bad but it doesn't I apply my oil and Aquaphor early an hour to half an hour and I don't rub it into my skin I lightly dust it and pat it over the sensitive areas so it just kind of sits on top of the skin. Like I said before this is what I found works for me, its not for everyone. But when you're desperate like me to find some relief anything is worth a try. With in reason that is! I read articles that suggest bleach baths and washing your face with dandruff shampoo both of which can burn your skin severely. So yeah I will stick to the more natural approach and this was my two cents on the subject. And as for the PMS dark chocolate ( in moderation ;) ) plenty of rest/sleep, hot herbal tea ( I prefer chamomile around this time) a heating pad and Motrin lots of Motrin (taken before you're in pain, it works better that way). 

Okay no more ranting for today time for some yummy tea and maybe a nap! 

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