Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Santa Claus is coming to town....

Three more days until Christmas and I am all done. No wrapping no last minute shopping, and no rushing to the post office paying outrageous fees to get everything delivered on time. As a matter of fact I didn't pay to have anything shipped, one of the perks of the holidays is free shipping on line. Fact is I kept it simple, and only having a few people to shop for made it that much easier. Perks of having a small circle theses days. Mikey and I saving to get some items to redo our bedroom so we opted out of buying each other crap we don't need. Besides we spoil ourselves all the time. I did however get some goodies for us from William Sonoma to try out. I called it a little present to us  :)
Growing up I always loved the holidays, the food, family and friends and of course the presents. As I got older and my mother one day decided she didn't want to celebrate anything. Her depression got the best of her and we spent most of the holidays the same as we did any other day. I think part of the reason I got married so young was my desire to have family again. But over time I've learned you just can't force it ,people will come and go family or not. Mikey's family seemed so close and it's was fun while it lasted but now we're  back to being the lone wolves we are destined to be. He is still dealing with the loss, going  through the stages. Me...well I am lucky I still have a few people I can count on less than five to be exact, three really, Mikey ,my daughter and her dad. Ive come to terms with the fact that I will never bee part of a large circle again, I've lost all faith in people to ever make that mistake again. So dinner this weekend will be a traditional Mexican feast for two! Tamales,pozole rojo, homemade chips, guacamole, salsa, frijoles charros, rice, tostones con crema! (All made from scratch by yours truly!) Christmas morning Mikey's in charge of breakfast which will involve mimosas and flap jacks, but he doesn't know it yet.. lol.. Ugh lost track of time, I got wrapped up in my own thoughts. My bed is calling my name. Good night!

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