Monday, April 27, 2015

Just breathe...

Easier said then done in my case, since March 27th I have not been able to walk from one room to another with out wheezing and feeling like I was a fish out of water. It all started the second I got on that plane to Reno and now here I am a month later and I still feel the same. Well I was starting to feel a little better a few days ago but Friday night around midnight the coughing and sneezing came back.By Saturday afternoon it was a full blow cold. So needless to say I have feel behind again on some of my projects. I have how ever have managed to keep the house in somewhat decent shape. I clean each day a little at a time and on the days I feel horrible Mikey helps out a lot. He even caught the furniture redo bug from me, I was totally surprised when he messaged me after work last week asking if I would like to help him out with a little project he was working on. He picked up this table with great iron details and he sanded it down,  I helped him out and we picked out a nice stain for it. Because of the wind and my illness we haven't been able to finish it, he hopes to be done with it this week. I was going to start my wood projects but sanding and bronchitis don't mix so again I must wait, I have plenty of other things to keep me busy.
Last weekend I cleaned out and organized my bead drawer I even fixed the bracelet I made for Mikey years ago. I have so many ideas for earrings and stuff but I would like to finish my little crafting desk before I start on that stuff and my stool of course so I have some where with good lighting to work. As a matter of fact I think I will start on it today since it was a short day for me today and tomorrow I am off! Time to make some split pea soap, catch up on Grey's Anatomy ( even though social media totally ruined it for me! I am barely on season three, yet another reason to hate Facebook!) and craft a little.

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