Thursday, April 06, 2017

Procratination my old friend is back :/

All I wanted to do today was get out of work early so I could get a kick start my three day weekend getting all those little things done so I can relax and get some me time during the rest of the week. Flash forward to an  hour ago when my wish was granted off work at 11:30 am ! YaY! But now here I am an hour later in bed watching peoples court eating fruit debating on where to start. All week I thought about everything I wanted to get done this long weekend. Everyday I sat down with the intention to write it all down and everyday I let procrastination win. So now here I am taking this opportunity to write down my to do list and get it off my mind. Well now that Spring has sprung I want to clean out and reorganize my closets, dresser drawers and pantry. But of course I need to get my day to day stuff done so I guess that's were I should by room tiding  up and putting things away...laundry , vacuuming,, changing linens, dusting, floors, dishes and finally cleaning and organizing the fridge. That should take a couple of hours I think I'm going to time my self just to see how long chores take day to day.  I know the rest of my list is going to take a couple of days to do since I plan to take everything out and reorganize and declutter as I go though each one. Oh and the patio!!! I need to clean out the storage area and the patio! Mikey bought me a patio set!!! Finally i can sit in the sun and read and or write! Well until the summer heat takes over. I like cleaning and organizing but I have such a hard time getting started! Why! oh why?! But when I do get started I cant stop until its all done. I just have to remember today that I cant get it all done its too much but I have four days....So now its time to get off my a** and just do it!!!!!

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