Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lets go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturdays I feel like such a stereo typical Latina, up early music blasting, cleaning the house. As a kid before my mom's depression on Saturday mornings I would wake up the sounds of Vicente Fernandez and the vacuum cleaner at the foot of my bed. There was no such thing as sleeping in and sitting in front of the TV eating cereal watching cartoons. We had things to do! As I got older it was just part of my routine. Having kids I tried to make it better by taking a different approach.. I would be like look we have to clean then after we can have fun and if you keep the house tidy during the week we'll have less to do on Saturday morning.
 Yeah that did't always work and when I had to work weekends my cleaning day changed but routine would always stay consistent. Up early, loud music, and clean, clean, clean until the house is sparkling freaking clean. So I'm sure you can guess what I've been up to today??!! So now that the house is sparkling freaking clean  the music stays on and we shall dance around the house, because?? well why not its Saturday and our house is clean! Growing up I was always pissed when my mom wouldn't let me sleep in and cleaning ugh well who like chores at that age.. At any age really? But now I have come to realize that routine kept me sane on so many occasions. How? Thru the music.... Even if I'm not in the best of moods once I push play I start feeling better and it gets me through all my chores with a smile. I have always said for me cleaning is therapy. The task occupies my mind to the point were I am so focused that I don't hear those little voices in my head that fill me with pointless worries and concerns. And for the rest of the day I'm happy. Happy and filled with a sense of accomplishment. Silly to some but to me a clean house makes me happy. Andy my Mikey who see's a lot of other peoples homes from day to day.. is grateful to come home to a clean house and a happy wifey (well soon to be wifey! We're engaged!! )

Cleaning rant done.. now for the rest of my day.... An Aztec clay mask followed by a jojoba oil and cocoa butter mask,a tall glass of Thai tea with my new favorite creamer and a book. OMB!! speaking of creamer I am in love with the Natural Bliss non dairy  sweet creme coconut creamer..YUMMMM! So for the on billionth time I gave up dairy, well except for cheese. I can't give up my cheese ya'll that's just not happening but I do try to only eat it a few times a week. So my skin and belly have thanked me. Not only is my skin not breaking out as much but my belly isn't bloated all the time. And this creamer is so good on all my teas. I don't drink coffee :( but I am a decaf tea latte freak, so it was hard not putting milk in my teas. But this stuff has been a life saver. It has a little sugar so no need to add any extra sugar and is so creamy and does not have an over powering flavor of coconut. Which I was very afraid of having tried almond and coconut milk for my cereal those milks tend to take over and all you taste is coconut or almonds. And well for me those flavors get old and I get sick of them. But not this stuff its does not take over the flavor of your tea. Creamer rant don't now its off to relax...ahhhhhhh :)

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