Monday, July 09, 2018

A little retail therapy ain't never hurt no body...

A little retail therapy on this gloomy hot Monday? Why yes why don't we!  Ulta keeps emailing me 20% off your entire purchase coupons with "prestige brands" included. So needless to say I am all in! Plus I had some points to use up, so why not?! I've been dying to try some of these products out. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging but I have heard that Roller lash is amazing. Normally I only buy drugstore mascaras, the Covergirl Lash Blast is my favorite! I tried the Loreals Lash Paradise and I was so disappointed. The formula is pretty good but the amount the comes out of the tube! It's like woah! hold on a minute no need to rush. If your not careful you'll end up with those nasty Tammy Faye (RIP) Baker spider eyes! I need a tube that wipes off most of it to give you control as you apply. Then again I am a very plain Jane conservative when it comes to makeup application. You would never guess that if you saw my stash. 

After spending a few hours getting ready my mom would always say  " I really don't know how you can take a few hours to get ready and come out looking the same!" She never understood my no makeup, makeup routine lol. Which is so confusing to me because growing up I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was sixteen. And what she meant by makeup was a little eyeliner, clear mascara and lip gloss, no red or bright colors, so more like chapstick or those flavored clear lip gloss. After four years of that, how was I suppose to all of a sudden magically transform my self? She never taught me how to apply and or not apply it. And during the dark ages, there were no Youtube tutorials just magazines full of people who looked nothing like me telling me what products I should try on my brown skin. Now I love that I can play around with so many products,  not to transform my self but to enhance my natural features and have fun. I love watching Youtube tutorials and reviews,  learning new tips and tricks! Okay, enough ranting I am going to go play with my new makeup. At least that's what Mikey calls it. He walks in on me when I'm rearranging my stuff and says "oh your playing with your make up today!" lol men...!!

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