Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It's a new dawn.It's a new day. It's a new life. For me.....

It's a new day and I  am sitting in an on line mandatory work training seminar, bored out of my mind! It's actually day two and I have one more tomorrow and it's done. Back to work on Friday but with more work, more responsibilities, same shitty pay. I am trying to stay positive but these large corporations pray on those of us who need them more than they need us. They can drop me in a heartbeat and not think twice because there are a million other minions ready to pounce on the opportunity.
On the bright side  I like not having to be up at four am, and not having to go to bed too early. This training is all afternoon and takes up the better part of the day and has been an adjustment. Getting back to my normal routine is going to be rough. Okay enough about work, today is 911 and its almost impossible not to think about that day. Social media makes sure we will never forget and we shouldn't it was such a tragic day. For me that day was two lifetimes ago, I was married and pregnant with my youngest. I was sipping my tea ironing my then husbands uniform while watching the news just like every other day. I was always up an hour before everyone else, it was my quit time. When I tuned in the first plane had hit and no one knew what was going on.While watching the live broadcast the second plane crashed into the second tower. It was so surreal, unlike anything I had ever seen and hope to never see ever again. I remember running to the phone to call my mom, why? honestly when ever something horrible happens I call her. I think its the little girl inside me looking for her to comfort me and tell me every thing's going to be okay. I remember not wanting to take my girls to school in fear that more horrible things were coming. So I took them to my mom's house where they had a normal day with grandma. A cartoons and cereal kind of day. I went to work, we didn't get much done as we sat in front of the TV in a circle holding hands praying. We went from barely knowing each other to forming life long friendships. I wish Americans would stand together everyday, as we did during that time.Tragedy shouldn't be the only thing that brings us together.

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