Thursday, September 13, 2018

Where do I begin....

9:00 AM
This seems to be the current life theme for me lately. I fell off the wagon and haven't been able to catch up to it and hop back on. No, I do not have a drinking problem I just really like that expression. It accurately describes how I feel when I fall out of my normal routine. So how did it happen you asked? A few weeks ago I was feeling a little unappreciated and lonely. More than likely it was just one of the many side effects of PMS, but of course, at the time I didn't see it that way. I really never do until a week or two later when everything's okay and I try to figure out why I was feeling what I was feeling at the time. This time was a little different though after I worked through my feelings by lashing out at Mikey, a fell into a rut that I have not been able to shake. I haven't worked out, fell behind on my chores and I have been eating crappy again. In the past, I usually take a day off and play catch up. I know I have said time and time again, I cannot function in chaos!!!!! And the longer I wallow and procrastinate the situation gets worse. Now with that said that does not mean I have been completely unproductive. The house is a mess in my eyes, but within a couple of hours, I can take care of it. All I need is a to-do list, time and a starting point. Lucky for me the universe blessed me with a new opportunity and five days off! So it's time to shake it off and create that to do list, and decide our starting point.

12:00 PM

First off I decided to organize my list room by room. I  included even the smallest details so that nothing gets overlooked. Once that was done I created a small, not-to-do list prohibiting my self from taking too many social media breaks and skip from room to room, I also promised my self I would stick to one task at a time. Once that was done I decided on my starting point .... the living room since it is the least messy room in the house, I figured it would rev me up, starting small so I don't get overwhelmed. As I type I realize how this all sounds, and I can see the eye rolls and feel the judgment coming down on me. "Does this chick really need the motivation to clean her dang house!" And do I care? No, I don't, I can't explain how complicated, even the smallest bout of depression can affect someone. Human emotions are so complicated, and then there are women.

3:45 PM

 I am off work and officially on "vacation" time to get this party started! Mikey is off for the next couple of days so I made him a small to-do list. Mostly consisting of things that need to get fixed, I know everyone is now in the "we are all equals" frame of mind. But I am Mexican and we don't expect our men to clean, cook, launder. What? don't judge! His mother taught him well, on his days off he cooks or we cook together. He does laundry and helps me keep the house tidy.
What more could I ask for!!!

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